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Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm all packed and ready to go except for last-minute stuff. Just one problem--I don't leave for three more days. It's so cold here I haven't told anyone where I'm going, just that I'll be out of town. I don't really want to get pummeled. ;-)

It always amazes me how much better mice work after you take out the little roller ball and scrape the cat fur off.

Alex only has one more semester of high school. We have one more campus to visit before he decides which university will be getting a small fortune from us over the next four years. BTW, if anyone out there is facing an empty nest, get "Give Them Wings" by Carol Kuykendall. Paco's mom recommended it, and Paco knows that I'm a worrier and a long-term planner, so he sent it to me. It's already helped a lot.

I think that's pretty much it around here. I'll pop back in before I leave just to say 'bye!



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Have a great trip!

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