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Monday, July 30, 2007

Still around

There hasn't been much of note going on around here lately. I've been doing stuff around home, harvesting tomatoes like crazy from my garden and dehydrating them. My first class is done and I'm working on the second. Books are on order for the third. It's a joy to be studying to gain knowledge and not studying to maintain my GPA. (It's 4.0 right now, by the way!) I've been writing, but taking the time off when the Boys were here put me behind and I haven't caught up. It's something I need to get a grip on because we're going out of town next week for a few days, which puts me in a similar situation--little or no writing for several days at the beginning of the month.

Today I realized that my idea of seasonal is apparently different from the world's. I went shopping for simple cotton dresses for when it's really hot, and hiking boots for our vacation. What I learned is that girls don't hike in the summer. I did look at men's boots, but I need a 6 and the smallest I found was a 7. I may be hiking in running shoes next week. I also learned that natural fibers are not "in" and polyester is not a option in the heat. Dudley's Rush performed in an outdoor festival yesterday and the top I was wearing was a polyester/spandex blend. I was so hot! Honestly, if it hadn't been for the fact that I got to sing bluegrass I'd have been downright cranky. Even after I cooled down I still had to take a shower to wash the salt off my skin. Natural fibers are a deal breaker!

So that's pretty much what's going on around here. What's new with you?

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