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Friday, July 13, 2007


A friend sent me an article a while back about growing pineapples. Apparently you cut off the top and stick it in dirt. I'm sure it's more complicated than that, but since pineapples aren't expensive I decided to give it a shot. Eric put it on the floor for the cats to investigate while were were putting away groceries:

All three were surrounding it when I grabbed the camera. Ryan was sitting next to the rug and apparently sniffed too hard because I almost fell over on Tess. She was less than impressed and chased him off, which is why I only have Tess and Chloe in the picture. Not surprisingly, Tess stayed with the pineapple for several minutes after Chloe wandered off. Tess loves anything plant-related. If there are fresh flowers in the house, they're probably on the floor. She will climb as high as necessary to get to them, so we just put the vase where she can get to it for a day or two. I even caught her on the mantle once with her face buried in a vase full of fake flowers!

Sometimes they're worse than kids, I swear.



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