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Thursday, October 05, 2006


It's been a very busy week. Extra work hours on Sunday and Tuesday have eaten into time that would have been spent doing fun things, like laundry and school. Unfortunately I committed to work those hours months ago so there was nothing to be done but prepare accordingly. Toss in a few odd appointments (dentist, doctor--more fun stuff) and start the new session of archery lessons, and to put it bluntly this week was almost shot from the start.

We have managed to keep up on school, which was my main concern. The schedule has had to be adjusted, but that's the case with homeschooling anyway. I have had to accept that I can not prepare her fully for high school without sending her to school. She won't have as much self-directed study time in high school, but it will be an essential skill in college. Chances are fair that I won't be there for her in college to look over her shoulder and ask if she's done her English homework, so being able to budget study time will be important.

Other things have gone by the wayside. I have gotten no writing done, and it's starting to get to me. Characters keep drifting into my head while I'm washing dishes at work, whispering about what they want to do, while Patsy Cline croons in the background. ("Crazy." Get it?) When my writing time gets curtailed, I almost think I can understand a little what it's like to be schizophrenic. My characters don't tell me to kill living humans, but they're not above telling me how they'd like to kill each other. It's just the plot machine ruminating, but if it doesn't get emptied from time to time, it builds up and gets gooey.

We have this morning free for school. I have already told the coordinator for our afternoon gardening class that we might be late today. I'm hoping to get some writing done while Vicky is doing her work. I also need to harvest and dry basil, and put something in the crock pot for dinner. Have you figured out that the 'crazy' is here to stay for a while? This is the reason I can't think about taking classes of my own until next fall. I'm quickly becoming a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, and it's only going to get worse for the remainder for the calendar year. We have had Christmas parties booked at work for two months, with more to come, no doubt.



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