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Monday, June 05, 2006

How NOT to plan your summer break

We made arrangements with Mom a couple of months ago for the kids to spend two weeks with them this month. It was decided that I would drive them up the first weekend, and pick them up the third weekend, which would coincide with the annual family reunion and my cousin's baby shower.

I later discovered that one of my co-workers would be on vacation during the time that the kids would be gone. Not knowing at the time that Eric's contract would soon be resolved, I gave in to the dollar signs in my eyes. However, I didn't realize just how bad my schedule looked until late last week. I am WORKING every day except this Sunday! This was NOT how I imagined spending two kidless weeks!


At least I'm making some decent money, so the car should be paid off in the next four weeks. I also have a couple of weeks to decide how to make changes so I'm not working every day all summer. I do still have to be a mom, and chances are greater of the kids getting into mischief if I'm at work. Besides, a girl has to have a little fun!


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