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Monday, August 24, 2009

Before and during

A few months ago, Alex decided that when he went to college, he wanted me to convert his room to my office. I gave him a few months to change his mind, but he was firm. He went with me to buy the paint so I knew he was serious.

Yesterday, I cleaned, moved furniture, and taped the trim and ceiling. Today I painted. Here's one corner before and so far:

(The dots are dust on my camera lens. My office is not haunted.)

This is the perspective from the door.

When I was picking colors I couldn't decide between the light chocolate brown (milk chocolate, if you will) and the blue with a teeny hint of green. Finally I decided to get both since I'd never done an accent wall on purpose. (Long story.) I would have before pictures of this wall, but my camera battery died. The 'so far' ones are far better anyway.

So there's my work so far. I'm going to let it dry overnight before I take off the tape and start moving furniture. Naturally, none of the furniture is anywhere near the spot where I plan to put it, and the room isn't huge, so that should be an interesting task. More pictures to follow.

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Blogger Jean said...

I like the accent wall. And the contrast is enough that if you need a different perspective, you can just turn your chair.

7:40 PM  

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