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Monday, May 18, 2009

40 lbs.

I have another 40 lbs. of stuff to go to charity. I figure I'll take it over tomorrow; that gives me today to add stuff.

We have family coming in this week for graduation, so of course I'm busy cleaning. I realized this morning that it's not cleaning I dislike. In fact, it's rather satisfying. I like walking into a room and having things in order; it helps keep my brain in focus. Based on today's work so far, I could even venture to say that I like cleaning. I took pitchers and fiddly bits off the tops of my kitchen cupboards and washed them (ick--so nasty), dusted, and cleaned the staircase. I could not believe how dirty the handrail was. The only trouble is once I put the stuff back up on top of the cupboard, my work will be invisible to everyone but me. What chaps my hide isn't the cleaning; it's having to move other people's stuff to be able to clean. It's bad enough that I have my own clutter, but the living room was clean last Friday, and now it's got kids' stuff scattered all over the place. I should really be taking pictures of this stuff. I should have prints made and put them in a photo album so when they're gone and I miss them and I only remember the good things, I can get it out and look at how things really are right now. Great. Another thing to do.

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