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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day Job

I haven't blogged about the Day Job lately because there hasn't been much of note going on. Or maybe I'm harder to surprise now. This week had a couple of amusing things happen. Last Wednesday we had just opened and a lady called to ask if we could do a wedding reception for about fifty people. The Boss told her we could handle a crowd that size easily. I wasn't paying too much attention to her end of the conversation until she said, "Erm, well, no, we don't have a grill." Apparently, the groom was fairly insistent on having burgers and bratwurst for the reception, and his mom (the lady on the phone) said it sounded like we do 'grown-up food'. In the end the two of them agreed that we are not the right place to handle the reception. Incidentally, the groom is 23. I'm not sure about y'all, but I was a grown-up at 23. I was married and a mom at 23, and I didn't have burgers and brats at my wedding reception. We were laughing about how they had us mistaken for 'fine dining'.

At the other end of the spectrum was the guy who came in yesterday looking for a latte. We don't do espresso in any form; we have brewed coffee and a cappuccino mix. We explained to him three different ways that we could only offer regular coffee before he caught on and asked where he could get a triple-shot latte. (Triple shot! I'm a caffeine addict, and a triple shot would have me above ceiling tiles. I thought I needed to cut back, but I have nothing on this guy.) He was appalled to learn that the nearest place to get his fix is twelve miles away. As it turns out, he was visiting someone here on his way back to Virginia. After he left, we agreed he must have been from Northern Virginia; he definitely had an upper class attitude.

Funny how, in one week, we went from attracting rednecks to yuppies...



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