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Monday, November 24, 2008

Down to quadruple digits

I broke 41k a little while ago. Just 8,995 to go. The plan is to be coming up on 46k Wednesday so I can take Thursday and Friday off, but between us, I'll probably sneak upstairs to do some short sprints in between turkey bastings.

Alex moved the bookcases in the loft yesterday and created a partial wall in the middle. I set up my desk behind them, so I now have semi-private office space. It doesn't have a door, but it does have a window. At this point I'm taking what I can get; a free solution is better than building a real wall with a door.

I think that's it. Maybe not, but I'm too fried to remember anything else. Maybe I'll go see what's on TV and crochet a little. Walter seems to have gone to bed already.

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