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Friday, September 07, 2007


I'm trying to decide on a new web host. I've looked at a couple that seem promising and have similar pricing. G0Daddy is the least expensive, and they're having a 15% off sale (which will save me a whopping fifteen cents) and they'll let me go month to month. The others I've looked at all want a year contract, which I'm leery of since Jatol folded.

On the other hand, in reading about the Jatol debacle, I've seen mention of buying domain names in one place and hosting in another, just in case the web host goes under. That's making me lean toward Bluehost.

I know it's not rocket science. My sites are still up but it's a matter of time before they're not. As far as pricing, we're talking about $12-$15 a year difference. I make that in tips working one party. Any thoughts?



Blogger Jean said...

The downside of BlueHost (just figured it out) is the thing they call CPU usage. If you use too much CPU time, they will lock you out.

I've had it happen to me. The first time, I went to the Fantastico control panel, and it said, "Hey! There are upgrades to your apps."

I said, "Cool!" and began upgrading. Coppermine is huge, and after I did that, I started one of my WordPress installations. That's when it shut me down. I said, "Whoa! WHat's up?"

I called tech support and said, "Hey! YOu recommended I upgrade these apps, and now you've shut me down."

Tech support was a quick response. The guy was professional. He checked my stuff out, and said everything should be fine. I checked it, and it was. It's a temporary block to keep me from hoarding the server that I share with others.

Last time it told me, "Hey! There are updates to your apps," I spaced out the updates and was ok.

Cherry Forums had BlueHost for a little bit, and this problem was crippling, so they moved to a new host. For me and what I do, so far, it isn't a problem. I'm aware that someday it could be, and I'll need to find a different host. I think this may be the primary reason it wasn't practical for Holly to adopt them.

For what it's worth, I think DownTownHost.com is offering a 99% off refuge deal for people caught by Jatol. Might we worth checking on. (Check Holly's blog comments under "If You're Here").

7:00 PM  
Blogger EJ said...

Thanks, Jean. I checked it out and figured for 99% off, I'd spring for a year. The disclaimer is misleading. Here's what it says:

"refugee 99% one time off on all monthly hosting plans

happy2007 25% off for the life of your account with us

Feel free to tell anyone about our Specials. With our 30 day money back guarantee, there's nothing to lose.

How to use Coupons
When you click the order now link you will be lead to the signup area. While making yor payment you will find the area to enter coupon codes. Enter the codes to avail these fabulous offers.

This special pricing is available to new accounts only, and applies only to hosting services purchased while signing up for a new account. It does not apply to upgrades of existing accounts. It does not apply to over-usage fees, dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers or domain name registration fees. Services added or changed after an account is created are eligible only for normal discounts. Certain restrictions apply. Only one coupon code can be used"

When I started to order I discovered that the discount is only for the first month. I can get hosting for this month for .21; next month I have to pony up $95.40 for a year. I'm not too sure what makes this more ethical than what Jatol is doing. Do you see something I've missed?

8:20 PM  
Blogger Jean said...

No. I didn't really look into it. That also might explain why Holly took the 25% option. :)

I was hoping it might be for a more typical term of a year, but I guess that was too good to be true. This reads more like the 99 cent move in deals. Of course, prorated over the first year, there must be some savings -- just not 99%.

10:34 PM  

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