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Monday, August 27, 2007

Big Bang Theory

I’m back—did you miss me? We finally got some rain on Friday, which was great. Not so great was the thunderstorm or the lighting that fried our modem. Saturday I did all right without the Internet. Yesterday I was philosophical; after all, the whole computer could have been fried. We just lost the modem and maybe the router. Then I started remembering all the things I needed to do. I finally broke down and started a list so I wouldn’t forget anything.

The cable guy came this morning and spent the better part of two hours replacing the modem. Apparently it wasn’t playing nicely with the router. Eric finally got the router going, only to find that our ISP went down.

What I’ve learned from this: 73 hours is too long to go without Internet access when I’m home. If I’m away, it’s a different ball game. I was starting to get cranky. Yes, I'm spoiled.

The real capper, though, is that of the 56 e-mail messages waiting for me, more than half got deleted immediately, and there was nothing from Scott (book related or otherwise). Go figure.



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