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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


In the course of my studies, I've found a few recipes to try. The first, a cleansing cream for my face, was pretty easy and I like the results. The second was a flax seed body lotion which required the soaking of flax seeds for 24 hours, and then boiling for 15 minutes. Soaking produced a weird goop, but I put them on to boil, set a timer, and moved on to something else. Five minutes later there was a strange smell. The flax seeds had boiled over. I turned them down and proceeded with the lotion, which was an unqualified failure. I can only guess that I lost too much goop for it to set up. (Also, I had to add vinegar while it was hot, and when I added lavender oil to make it smell good it got even stinkier. Eric came from the other end of the house to investigate, and the cats went upstairs.)

In all the excitement, I sort of forgot about the mess on the stove until this morning. (I know, you Flybabies are having conniptions.) I didn't have time to get to it before work, so I put paper towels on the mess so the water would absorb. It should have been a clue that it hadn't dried. Instead of hot and goopy, it was cold and slimy. It didn't absorb into paper towels; I had to sort of cover/grab/scoop. My babies produced things that were easier to clean up. At least it didn't smell bad. I'm not too sure I want to try the recipe again.

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Blogger Jean said...

It wasn't your sink, so it's ok. ;)


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