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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Progress and other things

I'm pleased with my writing this week. So far, I'm almost 7,000 words ahead of my goal for the month, and hopefully today I'll be caught up on the time goal. If not today, then tomorrow. Last night I was slogging, but I was determined to do my last 45 minutes. That's about when I hit a sweet spot (for me--gut wrenching for two characters) and flew past my goal. Love that!

Today we had a field trip in St. Louis. A bunch of us caravaned over there, and I realized yet again why I try not to do that. I focus on staying with the pack and miss landmarks. Morning traffic is ridiculous anyway, but it wasn't until we went past Busch Stadium that I realized we'd already crossed the river. The Mississippi is not a little river! How did I not notice we were crossing?

So, yeah, caravans are not my friend. It was fun, though, to torture Vicky by singing what I could remember of "Convoy." She's going to miss me next year. I bet none of her teachers will spontaneously break into song.

The drive back was even more fun, if that's possible. The classical radio station was on, and about the time I started to work my way through a traffic snarl, they started playing "The William Tell Overture." I had to laugh, which was good, because it kept me from saying bad words (even in Italian).

So that's the status report from here. It's just so exciting I can't stand it! Time to go over this week's Storycrafting chapter and get it ready for class tomorrow. If you've been reading it over at Dragonsroost.com I'll have chapters 6, 7, and hopefully 8 up this weekend.

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