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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mystery solved

Vicky gets the prize for finding Ryan's secret hideout. Because it's secret, I'm not saying where those containers are in my house. It's too embarassing anyway.

The Ryan Kitty seems to be adapting to his new environment quickly. The girls are on their toes, but that's ok. He was trying to play with them this morning. We must have the end of a weather front coming through or something because he's full of vinegar. When he's not chasing anything that moves (the girls, toy mice, my feet...), he's walking around grumbling. It's a funny little sound, and it doesn't sound like something a cat his size would do.

He's come so far. Two weeks ago we were thrilled because he was eating and knew what to do with a litter box. Now he's exploring the house, finding hidey holes, and chasing the girls. He still hasn't shown any interest in going outside. I guess the dog-free environment agrees with him, but it's going to be very interesting when Mom and Trixie come to visit again.


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