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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Feline teleportation

Jean recently posted about feline teleportation. Her cat was sitting in the entryway, and when she turned back around, the cat walked out of the bedroom. She had no idea how she got from point A to point B without Scotty's assistance.

We just had our own instance of this. Ryan, who, by the way, is not a small cat, disappeared. We searched the whole house; inside closed closets, under beds, you name it, calling his name the whole time. We went out and searched the neighborhood, alerted the neighbors, etc. After a short dinner break we were trying to decide what to do. I was looking out the front door and noticed that I hadn't brought in the decorative lights I'd intended to put away until spring, so I went out, picked up a few, and brought them through the house and out to the garage. I was going to open the garage door to get the rest, but I'd left the door to the house open. Tess was nosing around, and I didn't know Chloe's whereabouts. I didn't want to chance losing two cats in one day, so I went back through the house and got the rest of the lights. When I came in, Ryan was sitting on the landing.

I know, I know, he was probably asleep somewhere upstairs. But where??! We looked everywhere, and he usually comes when we call him. Besides, he's ten freaking pounds! I could understand if Chloe went missing; she's four pounds after a big dinner. She could hide in a shoe box. But Ryan is not a little boy!

Anyway, he's accounted for, and that's all that matters. I just have a few more gray hairs.


Blogger Nienke Hinton said...

Freaky. It seems my dog has learned how to let herself in and close the door behind her. Something is going on here me thinks...

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Danny Ing said...

Hiding in plain sight and misdirection. I guess we humans learned those prowling techniques from our animal friends like cats.

11:12 AM  

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