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Monday, December 07, 2009

Liquid Christmas cheer

I have Christmas shopping still left to do, so I just checked online to see what time Target opens. In addition to expanded hours during the Christmas season, the nearest store has a pharmacy, photo center, and wine available. *L* Target markets to young moms, apparently.

The last few days haven't been my best. A few fitful nights have had me cranky. It's been a challenge to maintain an attitude of gratitude. After all, it could be so much worse. I have a long list of things to do to prepare for visiting relatives and Alex being home for Christmas, but at least I have family who loves us enough to make the trek during the holidays. Some of the things on my list will make life easier in the long run, like planning holiday meals weeks ahead of time so I can grocery shop before the huge rush. Things are looking up, and I'm going to try to get some shopping and cleaning knocked out today. I might even attempt some baking. This is me, living on the edge.

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