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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Run-by posting

As usual, it's either full speed or full stop around here. I've been in full speed mode the last couple of weeks. I haven't quite figured out why, but all the fun things cluster on my calendar, causing me to have to work around things or decide what I'd rather do and what I'll have to miss. This is one of 'those' weeks.

This afternoon I'm working at the church for our youth fund raiser. Since I'm a Youth Group Parent, I'm expected to help out with the fund raiser. Lucky for me, the Day Job has done the appetizers for the last few years (most of us go to the same church). Appetizers get us in and out before the dinner gets under way, so while other parents supervise serving or clean up, we get to pack up and go out for a drink!

Tomorrow is the big Dudley's Rush concert we've been preparing for since November. It's part of the Fine Arts Series our church does every year. We've tried to tell them we're not exactly 'fine arts'; more like Arts and Crafts. The board insisted that they wanted us this year, though, and we're happy to oblige.

The timing could be better for me, of course, because if it weren't for the other obligations I'd be on my way to a rendezvous in Georgia right now. Not that I want to set up in this lousy weather; it's stormy all the way from here to there right now. This is the first rendezvous we're doing without Dad, so I've had to be very diligent about packing. I've also been working very hard to fill out Eric's wardrobe. He had enough costumes for a long weekend in warm weather. He needed more clothing to be out for a week, and he needed warmer clothing since it will be cold at night and potentially cold during the day. After my week in Florida this year I've learned the value of wool and layers. Anyway, we'll leave as soon as I get home from the concert tomorrow and stop in Chattanooga overnight so we can get into camp before lunch on Monday. We'll pull stakes next Saturday and get home Sunday. The camera battery is fully charged and I'll have a camera phone with me, so hopefully I'll have more pictures to post this time.

All that, plus the day I lost to a migraine this week, is why I've been scarce around here lately. On the plus side, I've proven that peppermint essential oil rubbed on the temples relieves headache pain. I should be back to full stop soon so I'll be around more. I hope...

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