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Friday, October 17, 2008

-Take Next Step--check

My very first query letter is in the mailbox.

I can't believe how scary that was. It was just a letter; you'd think it's not a big deal, especially since I fully expect to get a 'thanks but no thanks' answer back. I was fully prepared to send it yesterday, or I thought I was until I printed the letter on my cheap printer paper and saw the streak of toner down the right side. It's not procrastination if it's not right.

I had appointments and errands yesterday, so during my travels I bought resume paper and envelopes. This morning I disemboweled the printer and vacuumed the inside. When the test page came out clean I knew there was no turning back. My signature on the letter looks like crap, but it's on fancy paper, and I could not bring myself to re-print just for that. I also sealed the SASE in the envelope without a stamp and had to take it back apart. When I finally had it together I took it out to the mailbox in my jammies before I could change my mind. My hands are still shaking, and I'm not sure why this scared me. It's just a query letter, right?



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