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Friday, August 01, 2008

book(s) update

I'm finally getting things under control again. The camping gear is stowed (mostly--I still have some mending to do), I'm steadily mucking out the house, and the garden seems to be thriving. I'm even working in study time, which I need to crank up if I'm going to finish my Certificate this year.

I've been getting some feedback from beta readers. Faithful Paco has finished in first place and provided valuable insight. This project has been so big and convoluted that I've really needed fresh eyes to look it over. I'm in the process of fixing things, concentrating mainly on Rogue Pawn when possible so I can put together the query package. We decided it made more sense to pitch Rogue Pawn first, with Sword and Scabbard as the sequel to both The Dragon's Lady and Rogue Pawn. I'm going to be very glad to have this project done. I don't know that I want to do a series again for a long while. Maybe it would be easier if I was doing it by myself, but I'd have to come up with some way to keep the details straight. That's my biggest challenge right now. Well, that, and getting the darn thing done.

I got to thinking the other night, when I was beating myself up about the lack of productivity in July, that July is always a busy month for me. Maybe it would make sense to plan not to write in July and December. At least for now, I could build time off into my writing schedule. My theory is that if I know I'm taking a month off, I'll be more likely to push to finish things faster. I need deadlines to get anything done. Hopefully in the future that won't be an option, but for now it could work.



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