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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back a little early

Yesterday, when the nice man came to pick up our trash before we opened the gates to the public, he told us about a change in the local forecast--rain and thunderstorms Saturday night and most of Sunday. Literally, I was standing there chatting, and the three remaining adult heads behind me came together and decided to pull stakes a day early. Took them about fifteen seconds to decide, which blew the record for the fastest decision all week. (The previous one was when I suggested that ice cream at 2:00 in the afternoon would not spoil any meals and pointed out that it's served in air conditioning.)

This was my longest rendezvous yet, and as usual I've come home sun burned and bug bit. We brought home easily twice what I went out with, which we expected, and I'm pretty sure that now we could camp on our own. We need to buy a shower and a fire bucket. Vicky has decided to become a pirate, so I need to make her some britches, but I have to wait for the pattern to get here. Eric had fun and is looking toward the logistics of going to Ohio in October.

Today we have to spread out canvas and floor coverings to make sure they get dried completely (it rained some while we were packing) and figure out how to store the new toys. I think I might be especially glad today that we have an extra day to do that. I have posts planned on the particulars of the week, so check back with me through the week.



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Glad to see you made it back!

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