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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Last night was Vicky's first Homecoming Dance. She's been pretty low-maintenance about it; she only decided to go a little over a week ago when she discovered that her homeschooled boyfriend could go. It wasn't quite as simple as if she was going with someone from school; The Boyfriend had to provide a photocopy of a photo ID, and there was paperwork to be filled out. Welcome to school, post 9-11, I guess.

I think I've mentioned here that Vicky looks like me. She looks so much like me that when she was little she called herself my clone. People get our names mixed up. Every now and again, though, I look at her and it scares me how much she looks like me. I was drying her hair for her and looking at the back of her head slammed the realization into my chest; she's even got my cowlicks. There's no way I can deny that kid.

Anyway, I remembered to take pictures. Here's Vicky and The Boyfriend (pointedly NOT holding hands),

And Alex, Vicky, and The Boyfriend. I know, Alex looks a little like a body guard.

They grow up way too fast.

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Blogger Beth said...

My Goodness! That girl is definitely yours! They are both growing up so much! They were still "little" when we left Texas.

10:02 PM  
Blogger Valerie Comer said...

LOL on the bodyguard.

Hope you had a nice evening, Vicky. And your mom must be pretty cute too.

10:25 PM  
Blogger EJ said...

Beth~I know, they sure didn't stay that way.

Val~We were teasing him about looking like he wanted to say, "You toucha my sister, I breaka you face." ;)

5:32 PM  

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