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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Big 2-0

No, it's not my birthday. Thank goodness--no way would I want to be 20 again! It's our 20th wedding anniversary. I was a mere infant, of course, on our wedding day. ;-) Seriously, I wasn't old enough to drink! By Eric's next birthday (in July) I'll officially be married longer than I was single.

In a bit of an odd twist, Scott called yesterday to announce his engagement. Congrats, buddy! I hope your marriage is as good as mine. Not that it's been easy by any means. We've had our share of downs, but the downs weren't as low as they could have been had my best friend not been beside me. And we've had more than our share of ups, too.

One last bit of irony. Twenty years ago I wore ivory lace. Tonight, I'll be having dinner with my husband in black lace!

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