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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oh good grief....

Live global media coverage is a double-edged sword. The media that allowed us to watch the twin towers fall and the latest successful space shuttle landing gets bored when nothing noteworthy is happening. In short, if there is no drama, they go out and find it.

We have two years before the next Presidential election, and already we have a candidate: John Edwards of North Carolina. I have to admit to a little soft spot for him; we lived in North Carolina when he was first elected to Congress. I have a geographic loyalty, much like I do for the North Carolina Panthers and Duke University. I spent a large chunk of my life there and left with a husband and two kids. I didn't vote for Edwards; I was still technically a Michigan resident, and it takes a lot for me to vote for any Democrat. As much as I don't want to listen to campaigning for two whole frigging years, I'll be checking his website occasionally and trying to pay more attention. It's the only way I'll catch it when he contradicts himself.

Also in the news, Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was killed when someone opened fire on the stretch Hummer he was in. Jeez, if you're not safe in a stretch Hummer, where can you be safe?

Speaking of finding drama, typos in your resume won't get you hired, bosses are human beings and therefore just a capable of being jerks as the rest of us, and the nic fits have begun in our nation's capital.

It's a double-edge sword. How long before we fall on it? (Thanks to WorldNet Daily for the blog fodder. Yep, all that from one source.)



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