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Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy or confused? Or stubborn?

I haven't quite figured out which best describes my garden. We're supposed to have a freeze tonight, so I bundled up and went outside to harvest my sweet potatoes.

I was expecting this. I just thought I'd have a lot more of them.

I wasn't expecting this. They were coiled all around the bottom of the pot.

Lesson learned: Next year, all the potatoes go in a raised bed, not a pot.

At least the flowers were pretty.

This is a little more confusing: a tomato blossom. If my makeshift greenhouse remains standing, it will eventually become a tomato. They did this last year, too, by the way. That's a second generation plant.

This baffles me. It's a new zucchini blossom. The zucchini has not been sheltered at all, and it's been pretty cold at night. I'll have to go out tomorrow and see what happens here. BTW, this is also a second generation plant.

Would that I were as stubborn about my writing as my garden is.

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