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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hold on...

OK, it was just March 1, and I was so happy February was over. Then I blinked, and now it's almost mid-April. I know I'm not THAT old! (Just feel like I am sometimes.) It's going to be July and time for the reunion in no time flat, and then we have a rendezvous, and then I'll have to start thinking about Christmas shopping. I'm not being as dramatic as you're giving me credit for; I start Christmas shopping in August or so.

I've been running like crazy lately, but I'm not the only one who's swamped. Robin Owens is staying ahead of the rock (think Indiana Jones), PBW didn't fall off the treadmill, RandR is packing again, and Mizkit is celebrating the beauty of her 10th book in under three years. I love it when other people are busy when I'm trying to wedge writing, studying, gardening, and the wife/mom thing into my day. Oh, yeah, and I have a stack of sewing projects to tackle between now and June 1.

BTW, I think I may have discovered the source of the phrase, "No rest for the weary." Psalm 127 says God gives sleep to those He loves. Glad I'm right with Him, because insomnia is the last thing I need right now!



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