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Friday, February 15, 2008

Delayed weekend

This is me today:

I'm busy with The Day Job this week. Last night was our Third Annual Valentine Dinner, and it was a smashing success, which meant I came home feeling like I'd been caught in a wildebeest stampede. Eric called me at 9:00 this morning to make sure I was up, and it was a good thing because I wasn't. (Usually I get up with the family, make sure everyone has lunch or money, try to be a sweet and nurturing mom. There's a fine line between nurturer and martyr; today would have been a martyr morning.)

I'm heading in to work about two hours early today to wash the dishes we left and keep The Boss company, and I'm also working a shower tomorrow afternoon. Sunday is church and Dudley's Rush rehearsal, so while that could count for an 'off' day, I'm planning on having my Saturday on Tuesday. I just checked my calendar, and as of right now I have nothing going on until 4:00 that day.

Y'all have a good weekend and if you do anything fun, tell me about it in the comments so I can live vicariously through you!

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