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Monday, January 28, 2008

Beat the weather home!

I got back in last night, and today is dreary and windy. I'm glad the wind held off until today--it would have made flying in far more exciting than I could have managed.

It was a good rendezvous, but I underestimated the power of a certain vendor. While I was packing, I thought I'd probably buy some patterns and maybe some notions from my favorite fabric vendor. If they had linen on sale, I thought I might pick some up, but I bought a lot of fabric last year that I haven't worked with yet. This year they had lots of treasures in the remnant basket. Since my friend Linda was in camp this year, we talked about making summer dresses for the Midwest, so of course we had to get the patterns for that, too, and the fabric recommended. What it boils down to is I spent more money than I intended in 96 District Storehouse! I think Linda and I and one of the other gals probably paid the owners' expenses from South Carolina to central Florida! Of course I got some good stuff and probably have enough sewing to keep me off the streets until the Midwest in July.

The weather was decent--hot, cold, wet and dry, as usual for a rendezvous, and fairly windy a couple of days, which is par for the area. I got to catch up with some friends from last year and made a few new ones, and it was just good to get away. I did burn the crap out of my thumb cooking dinner Saturday night. The pot of egg noodles was about to boil over, and I when I reached for the handle to take if off the heat, my hot pad slipped. Our 'snake oil' remedy seems to have worked; one of Dad's friends swears by yellow mustard for burns. Yes, the kind you squirt on a hot dog. Cover the burn liberally with mustard and wrap in a wet paper towel. Refresh either or both as needed for several hours; Dad's friend says five, but I left it for about four. After I washed the mustard off, I put an herbal salve and a bandaid on it, and today it's not even blistered or tender. I did put more salve back on to try to speed the healing a little more; I have to go back to work Wednesday.

I have some pictures to post, but that will have to keep until I get unpacked.



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